Morphogenetic map of Sonora state at 1:750,000 scale

Keywords: Morphogenetic map, System, Sonora state, Mexico


The morphogenetic map of the Sonora state at scale 1:750,000 includes an approximate area of 180,027 km2 and the objective of this cartography is to relate lithology with the geomorphological arrangement through the interpretation of the terrain genesis. The 44 morphogenetic terrain systems that constitute the map were interpreted from Landsat-7 images with the support of topographic and lithological information edited in several years. Altough the main limitation of this research is the large amount of surface to be confirmed, the general corroboration of the morphogenetic terrain systems has been carried out in several field work campaigns. The classification of morphogenetic terrain systems from a geological-geomorphological perspective can be interesting for a greater number of users, since it simplifies the origin, the type of materials and the relief. This morphogenetic map can be used as a support for students and professionals in the landscape analysis and its study.


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